Real men love Jesus, and we're not afraid to say so.

Our men's ministry is made up of three integrated parts that challenge men to dig deeper, bow lower, reach farther, soar higher, think clearer, live cleaner, worship freer, pray harder, love stronger, and lead better. 

ManUp is a one-hour event starting at 8:00 on the first Saturday of each month where men find strength and security in the genuine friendships that form as they engage in a fierce pursuit of true spiritual manhood together, where spiritual passion is ignited in the fire of full-throated masculine worship expressed without embarrassment, and where they experience a full-contact encounter with the life-transforming Word of God.


Men's Advance is coming soon! This is an annual, weekend conference where men get away from their regular routines in order to be physically refreshed and spiritually strengthened in a restful setting. This year's Men's Advance will be held at Old Oak Ranch on August 17-19.